Cultura Migraciones

The Cultura Migraciones initiative is framed in Art. 6 of Law No. 21 325 of Migración y Extranjería, which states that the State will seek the integration and inclusion of foreigners within Chilean society in its diverse cultural expressions.

This will be carried out by fostering interculturalism, promoting the harmonious inclusion and participation of foreigners in the cultural life of our country, recognizing, and respecting the different cultures, languages, traditions, beliefs and religions. All the above, in compliance with the Constitution, the Law and international treaties ratified and in force in Chile.

About Cultura Migraciones

The Cultura Migraciones initiative was created in 2015 and ever since the establishment of the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) was established, it has become part of the Dirección de Territorio e Inclusión.

This initiative has set its own agenda to foster inclusion and social cohesion among both migrants and Chileans. This is achieved by highlighting the contribution of different cultural expressions to the country’s development, through collaboration and alliances with various public agencies and private institutions.

According to the legal mandate, the role of public policy on migration and culture is highlighting the value and contribution of foreigners who have decided to live in Chile.

Likewise, the mission of Cultura Migraciones is “to collaborate actively in bridging the gaps between Chileans and migrants, aiming at the effective shaping of a diverse and cohesive social space”.

Field of action

This initiative seeks to promote and give national exposure to artistic or heritage works made by national or foreign artists that feature an intercultural approach to migration. The aim is to create meeting spaces that promote cohesion between nationals and foreigners.

In addition, it has an annual agenda based on self-management and collaboration with public agencies and private institutions. Among the strategies of Cultura Migraciones is the association with embassies, ministries, municipalities, NGOs, academies, educational establishments and other public agencies and private institutions.

The project includes festivals, art exhibitions, cultural mediation activities, socio-historical research and publications.


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