Migration studies

The repository of data and studies of the Departamento de Estudios at the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) aims to provide empirical evidence for different kinds of users who may be interested in learning about different aspects of the immigration phenomenon in Chile, whether for academic, research, policy design or evaluation, or communication purposes.

The repository consists of the main data and documents produced by SERMIG, using our administrative records and internal and external surveys. Additionally, relevant national and international documents are compiled and made available for disseminating knowledge about migration flows in our country and the world.

Demographic estimation and characterization of foreign nationals residing in Chile as of December 31 of each year ended since 2018. Data and graphics are available for viewing and downloading.

Data originating from our administrative records of foreigners’ residence permits in Chile, from the year 2000 to the closing of the semester of each year. Data and graphics are available for viewing and downloading.

Main studies and working papers carried out by the Departamento de Estudios with a focus on the demographic and economic description of foreigners who have completed any procedure at SERMIG.

Key national and international sources containing information about migration flows in Chile and the rest of the world.


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