Immigration fees

Applying for the procedures to opt for immigration regularization have different costs. Below, you can find the fees according to each type of procedure.

Permanencia Transitoria permit

Prórroga de Permanencia Transitoria (Extension of Permanencia Transitoria permit)

Autorización de Trabajo (Work Authorization)

150% of the value of the Residencia Temporal permit for lawful remunerated activities, according to nationality.

Prórroga de Tarjeta de Tripulante (Extension of Crewmember Card)


Residencia Definitiva permit

For foreigners in general $118.604
For foreigner with a Chilean spouse Exempt from payment
For foreigner under 18 years of age Exempt from payment

Chilean Citizenship (Carta de Nacionalización)

For foreigners in general $33.026
For foreigner with a Chilean spouse $6.605
For foreigner widowed of Chilean $6.605
For a foreigner with a Chilean child $6.605

Option to Chilean citizenship

For foreigners in general $33.026

Dollar value: $984,53.-

For calculation purposes, corresponds to the one published in the D.O. 43.788 of 02/28/2024, valid until 03/31/2024.


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