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What is a Permanencia Transitoria permit?

The Permanencia Transitoria is a permit granted by the border control authority or by the Chilean consulate abroad to foreigners who enter Chile with no intention of settling in the country, which authorizes them to remain in the national territory for a limited period.

This permit authorizes them to stay in the national territory for a maximum limited period of 90 days, which may be extended once for 90 more days.

The validity of the Permanencia Transitoria permit may not exceed the validity period of the passport or travel document.

In which cases can I enter Chile as a holder of a Permanencia Transitoria permit?

General information

No prior authorization or visa is required for entry and stay in Chile for those who do so as holders of a Permanencia Transitoria permit. However, in some cases it may be appropriate to require a prior authorization granted by a Chilean consulate abroad for nationals of certain countries.

For foreign nationals who require prior authorization or a visa to enter the country, they must apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the consular representations of Chile abroad (Art. 169 of Law No. 21.325/2021).

For more information on the procedure to follow in each case, please visit the Atención Ciudadana page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* Consular Attention System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) oversees managing requests for the Prórroga de Permanencia Transitoria (Extension of Permanencia Transitoria permit) and Work Permits for this immigration category.

Permanencia Transitoria permit holders are NOT allowed to perform any paid activities.

Exceptionally, those who need to carry out specific and sporadic activities, and who as a direct consequence of these activities receive payment or economic benefits in Chile or abroad, may apply to SERMIG for authorization to carry out such work, such as:


Holders of Permanencia Transitoria permits who are in the country are NOT eligible to apply for a residence permit, unless they meet the requirements established in Article 69 of Law No.21.325, that is to say:

  • That they can certify that they have family bond with Chilean persons or with permanent residents.
  • Those who apply as dependents of a Residencia Temporal permit holder.
  • Those whose stay is in accordance with the objectives of the Política Nacional de Migración y Extranjería.
  • Other cases duly qualified by the Subsecretaría del Interior by means of a resolution, after a report from SERMIG.

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