Transitory Stay

The subcategories of Permanencia Transitoria have their own specific requirements and procedures managed by different entities, in accordance with Chile's current legislation.

This subcategory is aimed at Residencia Oficial persons who have completed their duty in a mission recognized by the Chilean State. Before the initial permit granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expires, the official resident may apply for a Permanencia Transitoria, both as a holder and as a dependent.

This subcategory is aimed at foreign nationals and permanent residents of States bordering Chile, provided that they reside in a border zone defined by a bilateral agreement and that they meet the requirements established in the aforementioned agreement.

This subcategory of Permanencia Transitoria is aimed at foreign nationals or residents of any State member of the international agreements ratified by Chile, which are in force, and which reciprocally grant authorization to their citizens to enter the territory for recreation, sports, health, studies, business management, family or other similar purposes.

This subcategory of Permanencia Transitoria is aimed at foreigners who enter Chile for recreational, sporting, health, study, business management, family or other similar purposes.

This Permanencia Transitoria subcategory is aimed at foreigners who are crew members of a vessel, aircraft or land/rail vehicle, who belong to a company engaged in the international transport of passengers and/or cargo.

Authorization that you can apply to the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones on an exceptional basis, to engage in specific and occasional activities such as public entertainment personnel, sports, lecturer, consultant, or technical expert, for which you will receive remuneration or economic benefits in Chile or abroad.

Persons who have been granted a Permanencia Transitoria permit may request an extension of this permit for 90 calendar days. To do so, they must initiate the extension procedure before the expiration of the permit in its original period contemplated in the Tarjeta Única Migratoria.

The Permanencia Transitoria permit is granted by the border control authority or the Chilean consulate abroad, to those persons who enter Chile without the objective of settling in the country. This permit authorizes to stay for a maximum of 90 days in the national territory.

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