Extension of Permanencia Transitoria permit

To whom is this extension directed?

If you are the holder of a Permanencia Transitoria permit, regardless of its original duration, you may extend it once, for a new term of up to ninety calendar days.

If you are interested, you must begin the extension procedure before the expiration of the original period contemplated in your Tarjeta Única Migratoria (TUM).

Where can I apply for an extension?

The Application for the Extension of the Permanencia Transitoria permit is made through the Portal de Trámites Digitales of the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG), by logging in with ClaveÚnica or with the account created by the applicant for such purposes.

* Spanish only.

If I am a crew member where can I apply for the extension of my card?

The prórroga de Tarjeta de Tripulante (extension for the Crewmember Card) request is made through the Portal de Trámites Digitales of SERMIG, by logging in with ClaveÚnica or the account created by the applicant for this purpose.

Check the requirements and procedures to complete this procedure in the subcategory of international passenger or cargo transport crew members.

General requirements

  1. Proof of payment of the corresponding fees for the Permanencia Transitoria extension.
  2. Detailed statement of the reasons that make the extension necessary, and documentation that supports it.
  3. Elements that support the fact that the interested party has the licit means of livelihood that will allow their stay in the country during the extension period.

How to extend the Permanencia Transitoria permit?

Check the step by step guide below:


Sign up and schedule an appointment!

To schedule an appointment, log in with your username and password from the SERMIG’s Portal de Trámites Digitales. If you don’t have one, you can create it.

Scheduling an appointment is available in all regional offices in Chile. Remember that you can only make one reservation at a time!

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