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Migraciones Chile

You can find information on requirements and immigration procedures here.

Immigration procedures

For people who plan to stay in Chile for a limited period of time, with no intention of residing in the country.
For people who plan to settle in Chile for a limited period of time.
For people with a Residencia Temporal permit who want to reside for an indefinite period of time in Chile.
For people who want to obtain Chilean citizenship or related procedures.

Involvement and inclusion *

* Spanish only.

Learn about the work and initiatives offered by the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones to migrant women for the protection of their rights with a gender perspective.

Review the rights, conventions and programs for children and teenagers in Chile.

Promote, encourage, and support cultural activities in order to achieve cultural cohesion and inclusion among migrant and national people.

Find out about the participatory and election processes at the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones.