Participatory Public Account

What is a Cuenta Pública Participativa (Participatory Public Account)?

Participatory Public Accounts (CPP) are spaces for dialogue between institutions and citizens. These spaces allow the public authority to report on the management carried out and the community to exercise social control over the State Administration.

Participatory Public Account 2022-23

This is the first Participatory Public Account of the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG), corresponding to the year 2023, and contains a synthesis of the management of SERMIG’s policies, plans, programs, actions and budget execution, developed during the year 2022. From likewise, it poses the main challenges for the 2023 period. In addition, it grants the community – civil society and citizens in general – the right to exercise effective control over the work carried out by the different State institutions.

The Participatory Public Account Form was enabled until June 14, so that all people could indicate their opinions, comments and queries regarding the SERMIG’s CPP.

* Spanish only.

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