International passenger or cargo transport crew members


Who is this permit intended for?

Tripulante de aeronave

This subcategory of Permanencia Transitoria will be applicable to foreign crew members of vessels, aircrafts or land or railroad transportation vehicles of companies engaged in the international transportation of passengers and cargo.

This permit may also be requested by members of the crews of naval artifacts or special vessels operating in territorial waters. For this purpose, naval artifacts shall be understood as those defined in the second paragraph of Article 826 of the Código de Comercio; and special vessels as those described in the third paragraph of Article 4 of Decree Law No. 2.222, which replaces the Shipping Act of 1978.

All foreign personnel belonging to the crews of the means of international transportation mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs shall have the status of crew members, provided that they are included in the respective crew list or in the general declaration to be submitted to the controlling authority.

Foreign crew members must be provided with suitable documentation to certify their identity and their status as such. Said documentation may be a passport, crew book, professional licence or other documents referred to in the second paragraph of Article 24 of Law No. 21.325.

Where is this Permanencia Transitoria permit granted?

The permit will be granted by the controlling authority at the moment the person enters national territory, and without prejudice to the provisions of Article 49 of Law No. 21.325, said authority will grant foreign crew members a special document called “Tarjeta de Tripulante” (Crewmember Card), which will be valid for up to 90 days.

Where can I apply for an extension of my Crewmember Card?

The Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) is responsible for managing the extension applications for this immigration subcategory, which is done through the Portal de Trámites Digitales, by signing in with ClaveÚnica or with the account created by the applicant for such purposes.

The procedure for an Extension of the Crewmember Card must be initiated by the interested person before the expiration of the original period, and the following documents must be included with the application:

  1. Crew list or general declaration, if applicable.
  2. Shore Pass.
  3. Suitable documentation to certify the identity and condition of each of the crew members, such as Passport, Crew Book, Professional License, or other valid document issued by a competent authority or in accordance with International Agreements.
  4. Provide documentation supporting the reasons that make the extension necessary.

How do I apply for an extension of the Crewmember Card?

Check the step-by-step instructions in the following guide:

General information

Upon entering the national territory, the controlling authority will grant you a special document called "Tarjeta de Tripulante".

This card will state the authorized time you have to stay in the country, which must not exceed 90 calendar days, and may be extended in accordance with the provisions of Articles 75 and 76 of the Regulation of Law No. 21.325.

The corresponding controlling authorities shall withdraw the Tarjeta de Tripulante at the time of departure or last sailing.

If you are traveling in an international means of transport of passengers and/or cargo, whether ship or land vehicle, and your destination is not Chile but you enter the national territory as a result of special circumstances or forced arrival, you will be granted the Tarjeta de Tripulante for a period not exceeding 72 hours. This only after the controlling authority retains the personal documentation of which they are holders.

If your work as a crew member must be extended beyond the maximum number of days granted, the shipping company, shipowner, or agent must apply for a Residencia Temporal permit on your behalf on the SERMIG´s Portal de Trámites Digitales to engage in lawful remunerated activities under a relationship of subordination or dependence with the corresponding company or agent.

* Procedure available only from within Chile.

The Permanencia Transitoria permit established in this subcategory may also be granted by the controlling authority if you enter the national territory with the purpose of joining the crew of your means of transportation.

In this case, you must justify, by means of documents issued by the companies accredited in our country, that you are or will be part of the crew of any of the means of international transportation. These documents must also identify the means of transportation and state the place of embarkation.

The controlling authority may also authorize you to leave the country through a different place or means of transportation than the one you used to enter.

You must justify this circumstance with the documents issued by the company or institution of which you are a member. In any case, the departure must take place within the term of your Permanencia Transitoria permit.


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