Estampado Electrónico

What is the Estampado Electrónico (EE)?

The Estampado Electrónico is the document issued by the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) for foreigners who have been granted a Residencia Temporal permit, which allows them to certify their resident status.

This document contains the identification data of the holder, as well as the information related to the subcategory of Residencia Temporal that was granted and its expiry date.

Where can I download the EE?

All document downloads are done through the Portal de Trámites Digitales, but the steps change depending on the case:

Download using the digital procedure, for cases:

  1. Requested within the country before May 14, 2022:
    Once the Residencia Temporal is granted, you will be informed by e-mail that you must pay the corresponding fees. Subsequently, you will be able to download the Estampado Electrónico, which will be available 10 days after the payment has been made.
  2. Failure to pay and other situations related to the 2021 regularization process:
    Ten calendar days after having received the notification in your e-mail, the option to download the Estampado Electrónico will be enabled in the Portal de Trámites Digitales.
  3. Favorable resolution of a filed Administrative Appeal (Recurso Administrativo) is only available on paper (non-digital).

For the cases mentioned above, you must enter the “Estampado Electrónico” option in the SERMIG’s Portal de Trámites Digitales. Then you can start the application in two ways: 1) by entering the data of the resolution, or 2) by entering your identity document.

* Spanish only.

How do I download the EE using the digital procedure?

Check the instructions in the following guides:

Download from the Bandeja de Entrada, in cases of:

  1. Residencia Temporal granted outside Chile.
  2. Residencia Temporal granted within Chile, which were requested since May 14, 2022.
  3. Residencia Definitiva that were resolved with a rejection with the granting of a temporary permit.
  4. Favorable resolution of an Administrative Appeal regarding a Residencia Temporal (digital procedure).

For the cases mentioned above  downloading is enabled for the user from their Inbox, in the Portal de Trámites Digitales. To do so, you must log in with your user account with which you started the application, go to your Inbox, enter your ID and follow the steps listed there to download the Estampado Electrónico.

* Spanish only.

General information

You may obtain a resident digital certificate or an Estampado Electrónico (EE) if you have already been granted a Residencia Temporal permit, whether you are in Chile or outside the national territory, as a holder or dependent.

In the case of dependents, they will only be able to download it once the corresponding holder has obtained and activated their EE.

You will be able to download your Estampado Electrónico from the moment you have been granted your Residencia Temporal permit, but it is important to consider the following deadlines:

  • Permit granted abroad: After receiving the notification of the granting of the Residencia Temporal, you have a period of 120 working days to download your Estampado Electrónico. Once downloaded, you will have 90 calendar days to enter Chile.
  • Permit granted within Chile: You have 6 months to download it. After this period, you must apply for a ratification or rectification for your permit.

The information you must enter depends on the chosen option:

If you began the process with the data of the resolution:

  1. Date of birth of the applicant.
  2. Nationality.
  3. Date of the resolution that granted the benefit.
  4. Number of the resolution.

If you began the process with an identity document:

  1. Type of document with which the application was made.
  2. Number of Passport, Título de Residencia or ID of the foreigner.
  3. Country granting the document with which the application was made.
  4. Date of birth of the applicant.

Yes, it is possible to correct the information when there is any inconsistency or error. To do so, you must go to the option "Rectificación de Estampado Electrónico" in SERMIG's Portal de Trámites Digitales. Alternatively, when you make the request for an Estampado Electrónico, you will find an option to modify it before downloading it.

With the entry into force of Law No. 21.325, it is NO longer a requirement to register residence permits at the PDI in order to proceed with the issuance of identity cards. Therefore, all those Residencia Temporal permits granted after February 12, 2022, must NOT be registered through the Portal Cero Filas.

  • If you obtained your Residencia Temporal abroad:
    Once you enter the country, the validity of the granted benefit will take effect immediately, and you will have to apply for Cédula de Identidad at the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación. If you do not schedule an appointment during the following 30 days, counted from the date of entry to the country that activated the residence, a sanction will be applied according to Art. 106 of Law 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería.
  • If you obtained your Residencia Temporal in Chile:
    After your permit has been granted and the Estampado Electrónico has been downloaded, you must schedule an appointment at the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación to obtain your Cédula de Identidad. If you do not do so within 30 days after downloading the Estampado Electrónico, you will be sanctioned according to Art. 106 of Law 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería.

How to apply for the rectification of the EE?

Check the step-by-step instructions in the following guide:

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