What are the Residencia Temporal subcategories?

The subcategories are understood as subtypes of Residencia Temporal permits, each with its own specific requirements. They are applied for abroad, except for some special cases (*) as provided for in Chile’s current legislation.

The applicant must determine which subcategory best suits their personal situation in order to present himself or herself as a holder or dependent.

List of subcategories

For people who can certify to have a family bond with a Chilean or foreigner who is a Residencia Definitiva permit holder.
For foreigners who wish to engage in lawful remunerated activities under the direction of an employer.
For foreigners interested in studying in educational institutions recognized by the Chilean State.
For foreigners who intend to engage in specific seasonal jobs for limited, one-time or inter-annual periods in Chile.
For foreign persons who are under the administration, control and supervision of Gendarmería de Chile (Chilean Bureau of Prisons).
For foreigners who are or must move to Chilean territory by order of Chilean Courts of Justice.
For foreigners who are victims of some type of violence or vulnerability, among other reasons.
For foreigners residing in any of the States parties to international agreements concluded by Chile, which are in force.
For foreigners who belong to a religious entity legally constituted in Chile, and who need to reside for the exercise of worship.
For foreigners undergoing medical treatment that must be initiated or continued in Chile.
For foreigners who have obtained a retirement pension or who have constant income derived from the exploitation of real estate or financial assets.
For foreigners who have been holders of a Residencia Definitiva permit at some time and have had it revoked.
For foreign individuals, legal representatives or those performing senior management functions in a foreign company, seeking to invest in Chile.
For foreigners who must regularly enter the country to perform executive or directive procedures related to business or investments.
For foreigners who are granted a Residencia Temporal permit by virtue of the Agreement of the States Parties of Mercosur, Bolivia and Chile.

* Some applications for a Residencia Temporal permit can made exceptionally from within Chile, as indicated in Article 4 of Decree No.177 of 2022 of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Safety.


Holders of a Permanencia Transitoria permit who are in the country cannot apply for a residence permit, unless they comply with the requirements established in Article 69 of Law No. 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería, that is:

  • That they can certify that they have family bond with Chilean persons or with permanent residents.
  • Those who apply as dependents of a Residencia Temporal permit holder.
  • People affected for some humanitarian reason.
  • Those whose stay is in accordance with the objectives of the Política Nacional de Migración y Extranjería.
  • Other cases duly qualified by the Subsecretaría del Interior by means of a resolution, after a report from SERMIG.

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